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With Mp3tag program, you can easily add album art/cover pictures into your audio files.(mp3, aac, flac, wma...) Follow the steps below to do this;

  1. Download and install the program.(You can uncheck the "Explorer Context Menu" option while installing it.With this option enabled, you can add audio files via right click on the files > mp3tag in windows's explorer.If you like this method, skip step 2.)
  2. Open the program, add your album folder via File > Add Directory (or click to the + icon on toolbar), after selecting folder the related audio files in the specified folder will be listed in the program.
  3. Find the related album cover picture on Google if you do not have it (or you can use program's tag sources feature, it may find album cover picture on some defined sites.)
  4. Now we need to select the files to be edited, you can select multiple files via a click while pressing shift key, to select all files press Ctrl+A, so select all audio tracks in the same album in this way.
  5. Right click on the disc icon (you may see a picture instead if the files already have a album cover picture) on bottom left corner > add cover (or click to the pen icon on the toolbar > add cover) and now select the related album cover picture.Also, you can add/edit some album infos in there.Once you have finished editing, click to the save button (Ctrl+S) to finish the process.

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